Friday, March 6, 2009

Worry paused; fun in high gear

Y'all, my sister got here last night, and it is on.  Today is the spa, tomorrow is shopping, and Sunday is who knows what.  Kitty will be here for 9 days total.  Guy is already under the sofa in a fetal position.

One of the few advantages to being slightly underemployed is that I've been unbusy enough to look forward to things, like goign to Vegas and Kitty's arrival.  I was even in a goofy mood yesterday when discussing AR's latest issue with my colleagues.  We howled at how confusing the charts and graphs were in it: Intern Skippy said, "I think it's supposed to tell me how bad the economy is, but all it does is tell me how bad the people who make their graphs and charts are.  For a bunch of architects, these are really confusing graphics."

"Puh-leeze," I retorted.  "If architects wrote this issue, it shows.  We're so good at obfuscating the simple."

"Like using words like 'obfuscating'," chimed in Norman.

Ingrid flipped through the pages to one young woman's picture and read the woman's quote, placed artfully by her head.  "'I'm being active and getting my face out there as much as possible.' Translation: I'm all over Facebook!"

I cackled.  "Yeah, you're getting your face out there as much as possible. Being featured in Record sure doesn't hurt, does it?!"

We laughed so hard that even Jann stopped by to share in the laughs with us.  Even though more rumors of layoffs were swirling around DA yesterday, we all just decided that we're done worrying.  We're over being anxious.  We last few have saved our emergency cushions, adjusted our 401(k)s, and are still going to go out for one more drink.

To hell with freaking out all the time.  Record, fuck you and your road-cone orange magazine cover, your quasijournalistic equivalent of the Cone of Death on the Weather Channel.  You're late to the ball, and no one at my office or my house wants to dance with you.  We're going to the spa and the library.  We're going to enjoy each other's company and some crispy chicken tacos at Chipotle.    The Age of Fear is over.


ms. kitty said...

Go, Pixie! Have a great time with Miss Kitty! Wish my sister would come visit me soon. She was supposed to come last week but we were both too full of cold germs.

matt said...

Great post, I think if anything else, the economy is making more of us realize how the public views architects. We need to de-value our egos a bit.