Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Our Lady of Continuing Education Credit Sorrows

Last week and the week before, we had really warm weather here in Denver.  I mean like 60s and 70s warm.  For that matter, we really didn't have much of a winter.  We only had to run the kitchen sink overnight about once, and usully we have to do it three or four times, plus we usually get a lot omore snow than we've gotten.  Suddenly, we had a blizzard last Thursday that sent a lot of folks home early (which oddly enough rendered the roadways easier to drive at 5pm than at 1pm), and then we had a sudden blorp! of snow yesterday morning.  As Derek was leaving work today, he and Norman and I chatted about the weather.

Derek: Isn't it about to snow tonight and tomorrow?
Pixie: [checking her computer] Tonight and tomorrow, says Desktop Weather.
Norman: What kind of spring is this supposed to be?
Derek: Well, we didn't really have a winter, so I guess we're getting our winter now.
Norman: Yeah, but tomorrow is frickin' April!
Pixie:  I think God decided that Denver has to have X amount of snow days and Y amount of sunny days, and he doesn't really care when it has what, just as long as it gets them done by the end of the calendar year.
Derek:  [laughing] Totally!  Now that makes more sense!
Pixie:  God looks at Denver's weather the way AIA looks at your continuing ed credits: they don't care when you get them ,as long as you get them by December 31.
Derek and Norman: Baahahahaaaa!

Suddenly, an email popped up in my inbox.  From five desks away, Intern Timmy hear dus and emailed one sentence:

God isn't as sadistic as the AIA.  Or NCARB.


Anonymous said...

God also isn't nearly as indifferent to his 'membership' the AIA or NCARB.

Pixie, make mine a double.

Still working in Minneapolis...ah, wait a second....yeah, still working.

Amy BB said...

Nor is God as sadistic as Massachusetts - who want their continuing ed credits by the end of August, and it's a different number/type, too ... ay yi yi