Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Back and (mostly) rested

I just got back into Denver, where it is 46 degrees and misting rain.  When I left Atlanta less than four hours ago, it was sunny and 88.  I took li'l Lucky for a walk at 10am and was sweating like Paris Hilton in a spelling bee.  So now I'm here and feeling much better rested than I expected.  Usually, Kitty and I overbook our time together, but we spent the time only having about one thing planned per day, which means we ended up doing a lot of sitting around in the Happy Kitteh Cottage, drinking coffee and reading various magazines.  We had some wonderful goofy moments, about which Kitty will probably post because she's the one with the photos from Mom's cell phone camera.  We were nearly kicked out of Michael's, the craft store, but I think we avoided being ejected from the property because our behavior was just weird enough that it was Nature's way of saying "do not touch".

Anyway, I'll do answers for Monday's quiz shortly, and I'll drop some interesting stories on y'all later in the week.  Word.

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