Thursday, June 25, 2009

Whew! Now that that's over with...

Just got done with the interview for another project. Bosley, Howie, and I got back to the office around 1pm, but around 2:30 I just didn't have any energy left, so I headed home. I'll be in better shape to get started again on FCH tomorrow.

The interview went pretty well, better than the last one. We got started late because one of the folks from the client's side was late to the interview meeting, so suddenly we were already five or so minutes behind, and then Bosley got started slow with his overview and introduction. By the time we got to my stuff about how we help hospitals plan for the future and how we do green design, I was having to rush so much that I almost might have well have said, "We build hospitals! Real good, too! I like spaghetti!"

The Q&A went pretty well, for the most part, except that it's apparent that someone at Wheatlands is talking smack about us and word is filtering around. Howie put in a nother call to Wheatland's CEO, who confirmed that all was well with us and them and the contractor on Wheatlands, but we're all still wondering about who's talking to whom about this? Who is it that's going around saying that a bunch of punchlist items didn't get picked up and they got poor post-construction service? Weird. I think I did pretty well, especially since I didn't have my stuff fully memorized and had to rush through it anyway, but I feel like I held my own during the Q&A part and was able to sound semi-coherent when it came to discussions about how we would design their department to the latest and greatest standards as well as questions about relevant codes.

Howie mentioned recently that I'm going to have to be busier than I can stand to be in order to stay busy enough. Makes sense on a certain level--we need a few projects each to re-right the ship of Design Associates and keep everyone employed that we can. The thought of it wears me out though; maybe it's because I've been up since 5am.

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Wilderness Gina said...

Mebee someone at Wheatlands is just a whiney bitch an never satisfied even if you run them over with a NEW truck!