Monday, June 8, 2009

A few kitteh pictures

Nothing much to say today, just getting used to the daily grind again.  When I got home from Georgia, I flipped open my suitcase and went to do a few things.  When I returned liess than five minutes later, someone was in my suitcase.

Maddy had snugged herself down in there like she'd been there the whole time, all the way from Small Town.  I said, "Whatchu doin', Princess?" and she merrily chirped "Whhrt!"

Hazel, however, was less than impressed.  If no treats were to be distributed upon my return, then she would just go hang out in the living room.  Whatev.


Anonymous said...

Maddy was all "sniff sniff sniff" Mamma been CHEATIN on us!

Hazel was all, "I smell Dog. I'm outta here."

Miss Kitty said...

Kittehs. need. SNUGGLING.