Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Dang, how come I always miss all the good beat-downs?

Tomorrow morning, I will leave Denver before I usually even get out of bed. We've decided to start tomorrow's punchlist of Area B of Wheatlands Hospital at 8am. It's about 3 hours or so to Wheatlands, depending on traffic, weather, etc. Do the math, if you feel so inclined. It'll be the same group as last time: one of the owner's reps, the contractor's project engineer, the electrical engineer, and moi. The head of IT from Wheatlands hopes to join us, but we'll see how hectic his schedule is. We'll have to stop at 10am for the OAC meeting, and then we can likely pick up where we left off after that. Regardless, I won't be stopping back by the office on my way home. I'll probably be fried by then.

Which is a shame. Ethel, a permanent Pomme de Terre project team member and my shopping/spa partner-in-crime, told me today that tomorrow is Jacqueline's first day back after a long and well-deserved maternity leave. "Man, you're gonna miss the sound and the fury," she chuckled. "Batten down the hatches!" I shrugged at first. Well, the rest of the team will finally be back from Taterville, where they've been meeting with the users of Pomme de Terre for the past three days, and they can catch her up then. I'm more thanksful to be gone when they return than when Jacqueline returns. However, it occurred to me that Jacqueline will likely be disoriented when she sees all the changes and progress made, and when she's not in control, her stress levels go up. When her stress levels go up, she lashes out. Well, here's hoping that motherhood has given her some perspective and calmed her down.

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faded said...

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On another note, my neighbor rides a Harley with straight pipes. He fired up this morning and set off the car alarms on both of his cars.