Saturday, April 21, 2007

Detail of the Week: Mama said punch you out

I keep blogging about what I look for in a punch list, but it might be easier just to show you a few examples.

These door and drawer faces are looking good. The drawer faces are all in line with each other, the handles have been installed so that they're secure and parallel to the floor, and the doors and drawer faces are in the same plane. In other words, they just look like how you'd expect casework (cabinets) to look.

These doors are just barely off plumb from each other. I would note this in the field on my punchlist and put a piece of tape by it only if the space between the cabinets was noticeably not parallel all the way up to the top of the doors. I might also note the space between the doors as being too wide, unless this is a uniform look amongst all the doors in this building. By the way, the casework needs cleaning in both of these photos.

The top of these two photos is an example of both bad paint and a bad wall base corner. The paint along the wall corner on the accent paint wall is streaky from where the painters went from a roller to a brush. Ultimately, it looksl ike the painters still need to put another coat of paint on the wall in its entirety. Also, note the corner on that wall base: it's been split at the top. Actually, it might be two different pieces that have been stuck together and crammed into the corner--you can especially see the crammed look at the bottom of the wall base, where the bottom should flip out but doesn't. Pixie says nuh-uh. The bottom photo shows the right way to do base: miter the corner. Miter each end of the base so that the bottom flange is continuous all the way around. However, I can't tell the quality of the paint job from the photo.

This is bad ceiling grid. Granted, the photo is a little blurry, but you can see that the edge angle of the ceiling grid is not level with the drywall above the window. Also, someone needs to touch up the paint in this drywall over the window and finish caulking the window.

Mmm, yeah baby, that's a nice grid angle. (Cue wakka-wakka 70s guitar.) It's even with the window opening all the way across. However, someone still needs to apply sealant at the edge of the window frame. Keeps moisture and air infiltration out of the room that this window is in.

In other news, I got some nice bookstore/coffee shop time in last night, but alas, both Guy and Sarge lost some cash in the poker game. Evidently, the landscape department swept the poker tournament. How do those tree-planting so-and-sos manage to do that at every poker game? My next-door cubicle neighbor, Derek, managed to get to the house early and got to meet and pet Maddy, who was a complete petting-whore for him and even twitched her tail like she was happy to see him. As if! After Jimmy Ray showed up with his poker table, though, Maddy ran and joined Hazel, hiding in the bedroom, where we kept them for the rest of the evening. With eleven poker-and-beer hounds in my clean, lovely Modernist condo, it was probably best.


ms. kitty said...

Whenever I read your blog, Pixie, I try to picture what part of town you live in. I used to live out on the far edge of Lakewood, where it is far enough west to be in the Golden zip code, along US 6 near Simms Landing. Thanks for the ongoing architectural education.

ms. kitty said...

Mornin', Pixie, just wanted you to know that I've nominated you and Miss K as blogs that make me think. You can see more at Ms. K's.

Miss Kitty said...

This weekend, I saw a sign on the door of a new strip mall that's still under construction. It had PUNCHLIST inside the big international "NO" red-circle-and-bar thingy. What does that mean? I'll try to get a pic of it this week.

Mile High Pixie said...

Miss Kit-tay: I imagine that the contractors were telling the architect that it wasn't ready for punchlisting yet. That's a good idea for everyone; otherwise the architect wastes her time noting "water isn't hooked up to sink" over and over (or something like that).

Ms. K: Yay! Muchas gracias for the props!