Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Random Tuesday Amusements

Though I've been pulled off the Pomme de Terre project indefinitely, I'm still on the emailing list. One of the project managers in our office sent out the following email today:

Team: [One of the engineers] will be out of the office starting today and will be returning Friday May 11th. He is available by cell phone in an emergency. He and his wife are about to have a new baby!

The partner on this project, Bosley, a usually crusty and cranky fellow, responded thus:

Nothing worse than a used baby. Glad they're getting a new one.

Meanwhile, I spoke too soon yesterday about being underemployed. We had an equipment emergency at Wheatlands (something wasn't going to fit, didn't get ordered at the right voltage, blah blah blah), so I worked through lunch in order to have enough time to finish drawings for Prudence. When I finally gave her the set at 4:45, she was surprisingly courteous and thankful. As I was walking back to my desk, an associate in the office who has worked with and shared staff with Howie in the past stopped me and asked if I'd have some room to help him on some projects that may be about to crank up and run quickly. While I don't want to lose my position on MCRC, I sure don't like being unbusy. I'm keeping my fingers and eyes crossed.


faded said...

Used babies are pretty good. We adopted twin boys. They were one year old when they arrived. That way you get to skip all the messy bits that are normally associated with the arrival of a new baby.

Mile High Pixie said...

LOL, Faded! I've never thought of adopted kids as used, but I suppose it kinda fits. I've aways preferred adopting over having, myself.

Though when I read his comment, I thought about a "Naked Trucker and T-Bones" episode where T-Bones is holding up a cardboard sign outside his house that reads "Used Kittens."

Miss Kitty said...

Used kittens? Oh, those are the bestest! >^..^<

faded said...

MHP, we also have a daughter that arrived the normal way. She was first and the twin boys came next. There are advantages to both ways. She is now 20 and the boys are 18. She is the one on her way to being a stone mason.

Mile High Pixie said...

Excellent, Faded. Sounds like you have a great bunch over there, regardless of how they showed up. :-P