Saturday, September 6, 2008

MaddyWatch: the credit card ad you'll only see here

Overnight stay at vet hospital over Labor Day Weekend plus abdominal ultrasound: $1,500.
Abdominal multiple biopsy at vet's office: $1,667.

Another overnight stay at the vet hospital for fever and low blood pressure: $1,100.

All-day stay at vet's office and multiple blood tests and vitals checks: $70.

Hearing the vet say that your sweet 10-year-old kitten's vitals are normal and stable and she can finally spend the night at home on your chest, purring and snoozing:


There are some things money can't buy.


Suz said...


That stuff you listed? That's what money's FOR, if you are fortunate enough to have it.

I'm glad she's back home, bless her. I hope that you enjoy this beautiful weekend we're having, maybe including some quality porch time with your loved ones?

St. Blogwen said...

Whoo-wee! Praise God!

I never added up what I spent trying to find out what was wrong with my beautiful little terrier mix Maddie. Probably about your tally. The vet hospital doctors never could figure it out, even when she died of it . . . but as long as there was hope they would get a diagnosis and a proper treatment, I had to spend the money and try.

Oh, I like the "Queen" pillow!

St. Blogwen said...

Just read your post again. Not time yet for ultimate celebrations? I take it you're still waiting for biopsy, etc., results . . .

But it is good that she's home and purring awl wovver u noaw.

Wilderness Gina said...

Um..... hes Guy evr been in on a death? Peepl or Kets or gogs? I don't fink hees fmly is bery demons... rat... um dey donet sho nufin. Hum? Maddy looka lek da ketah wut lved heah bek in a dey.
Wuv to ala yuse an ketahs!!!!!

Miss Kitty said...

HOORAY! Squadeleine's back hoam, kthxbai! Snuggle that kitteh & give it Fancy Feast frum its anT KiTty lulz!

Miss Kitty said...

And the pic of ur kitteh is also priceless. Fweet little milk moustache!

faded said...

Maddy is lives at the top of the food chain in your house. She is the apex preditor who gets the best of everything.

She is just like Bonnie our 62 pound Airdale. Except with Bonnie it has been warts, bumps, injuries and oozing things. We have dogs because I am allegic to cats.

ms. kitty said...

Miss K, is that "Squadeleine" as in "Madeleine, Bum-Badeleine, Tee-aggada-Squadeleine, Tee-legged, Tye-legged, bow-legged Madeleine?"

Did our Mommas go to the same elementary school? Sounds like the same counting-off rhyme words my Momma used.

Miss Kitty said...

i can haz Squadee updaet?

ms. kitty said...

How is Fraulein Squaledleine doing these days?