Wednesday, September 10, 2008

MaddyWatch: No news is good mews, so far

Maddy spent an uneventful weekend at home, and the week has been pretty quiet likewise. Oddly, though, it seems that the pecking order has rearranged itself around here. For the past ten-plus years, Maddy has whooped Hazel's ass on a regular basis, as she's usually outweighed Hazel by at least three pounds. Nowadays, Maddy's clocking in around 7.6, and Hazel's likely over 9. Plus, I think Hazel smells illness on Maddy. As Rev. Kit has lamented, these are indeed mammals with instincts first, children with fur second, and it would seem that Hazel--dammit!

I had to break up a fight in the floor. Just as I was typing that, Hazel hissed and took a swipe at Maddy. A few days ago she even nipped a little clump of fur out of Maddy's forehead, right over her right eye.

But we still haven't heard how the biopsy came out. I'll report when I hear something. In the meanwhile, I have some interesting-ish daily architecture stuff but am too tired to go into it right now. Thanks again to all my peeps in the blogosphere who are sending good thoughts in Maddy's direction.

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ms. kitty said...

Pixie, when my old kittycat The Baby was ill, years ago, and had to spend time at the vet, his buddy Skoshi was very upset when he returned. According to the vet, The Baby probably smelled like the vet hospital. She said it is pretty common for that to happen.

I've seen it happen between Lily and Loosy briefly too.