Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Operation Grow Something and MaddyWatch--two updates for the price of one!

Our computer may be hosed here at home, which is going to make blogging a little difficult, to say the least. Hence, this will be a very brief update of life at the HKH.  The top photo is Maddy and Hazel doodling around the feed-me-Seymour tomato plant on the balcony.  It's in the 70s here in Denver, so it turned out to be a nice day to hang out on the balcony.  Maddy took her first dose of chemo on Friday and will take another tonight.  So far so good. She's also able to whoop Lulu's ass when she bothers to stick around to engage her.  Hazel's surely at least 1.5 lbs heavier than Maddy, but Maddy still rules.

The bottom photo is what's left of the tomato plants.  Parts of them have gone brown, thinned, and died a bit, but they're still doing well.  It's as if the onset of fall has brought out the tomatoes in full force.  The grape tomato plant has always been producing, but it's made a lot of little red tomatoes lately, which Guy and I are putting in chili and on greek pizzas.  The Roma tomato plant has become a maniac, maniac on the floor and it's grow-ing-like-it's-ne-ver-grown-be-foooor.  [running in place in the kitchen with a wooden spoon and legwarmers]  I'll be able to pass some tomatoes on to some coworkers, so it seems.

Anyway, I'll cross my fingers for the computer.  It sucks because I really try not to blog while I'm at work, just in case, y'know?  I don't want anyone to have ANY reason to lay me off, after what happened last week.  Meanwhile, many of us who are left are assembling their resumes and project info sheets just to be safe.  You never know--our coworkers have been calling and emailing us like crazy to get pictures and info on projects for their resumes, and none of the left behind crowd wants to be in that same position.


ms. kitty said...

Yikes, Pixie, be good!

And the same thing used to happen to my tomatoes when I lived out in far-west Lakewood----fall would absolutely make the plants go crazy.

Miss Kitty said...

Lots of crazy fall 'matoes! YAYZ! And a shaved, skinny Squadeleine! Ohhh, my poor kitteh-niece!