Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Dispatches from 10" AFF*

meow this is mady ./ i em very madd cuzmama tuk me too th vett an thenn wen on vaykashun.,..

seeemy lef fwont paw>? it layz flatr thn myrite fwon paw an i limpp alott., so mama tukme to de vet n he pokd an stikkd mee wif niiddlz an tuk sum blud an peee./ thn i got hoam an mama givvd me mebbicin an it tastd bad an she set th ket feeder-=timr thing., thn shi an papawent to de baysbal gaym an to a hoatell fr theew nite.
I wil hav my revenj.,

*AFF = above finished floor


Miss Kitty said...

Ohhhhhh!!!!! Sho fweet and tubby! Send it to Aunt Kitty! Her will wuv det big ket & snug it good, give it tuna!

BaxtersMum said...

Baxter sez:

Dear Maddy, the vet sucks. I concur. At least they didn't leave you there. ALL DAY. IN A CAGE. My felines prefer expressing their displeasure with Mum by stuffing their face with cat food, and then barfing it back up at night, in her bed room, whilst walking backwards to lengthen the cat-yak trail. Try it.

hugs, kisses, and humps,
The B-Dawg

Mile High Pixie said...

Deer aNT Kity: i wil tum se yu.

Deer Baxtr; i honkd a harball th nextt day/. mama kleend itup cuz papa wont tutch ket barff../