Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Well, someone furry got their revenge today.

When Guy and I got home, we discovered a furry cat barf on the bed. Ech. We quickly dabbed/wiped it up with a paper towel, but it had already gone through the summer quilt Mom made us and onto the top sheet. Fortunately, Someone Furry and Deviant honked in a place that we could let air dry and wait til the weekend to launder the bed covers. I know that makes us sound deviant too, but we live in a condo building with community laundry facilities that wash and dry at a buck a load. It costs Guy nearly $20 to do all his laundry.

Evidently, we need to reinstate weekly brushings to cut down on random hairballs. Maddy doesn't mind them so much, since she enjoys luvvin', but Hazel would rather square off with a pit bull on PCP than be held, nay, snorgled by the same human she's lived with for nine years and be brushed. However, I am the big cat around here, and a small cat won't be getting a say in the matter. Hairball or not.


Charlotte said...

Way to lay down the law, Mama!

BaxtersMum said...

We have a similar problem with Tinker - key to solving the yak attacks? Get the hair ball gooy gunk in a tube thingy and feed it to them regularly - its basically a petroleum based product (that they make smell tasty to the Kittehs) that grabs the hair and lets it go through the system instead of reversing the process.

works like a charm - and one of my cat will eat it from the tube thingy. The other has to have it put on the top of her paw, then she licks it off.