Thursday, July 12, 2007

It's getting hot in here

I have a meeting tomorrow with the client for Big Downtown Medical Center (BDMC) as well as all the engineers. BDMC is where we're doing the scope procedure suite and the radiology suite. I really don't want to get so involved in Jann's projects to the point that I'm doing meetings, but it's a bit late for that, huh? I'm doing the design, doing meetings, making face time so people know who I am and know that they can call me with their concerns and questions. So, face time is nice for the engineers but not vital. I've worked with consultants for years and never laid eyes on them, not even from a photo. But face time is vital for the owner--they need to see you to know that you're okay to work with and call. Showing up means you care about their project. Well, it's supposed to mean that anyway.

Meantime, I have zero motivation. To do anything. I don't feel like going to meetings. I don't feel like cleaning the house. I don't feel like going out. I don't feel like staying in. I don't even feel like reading, which is really creepy because I love reading. WTF? It reminds me of a line from a Joan Osborne song: "I don't feel sleepy/ Just feel like lying down." Being unbusy brings out a weird side of me. I reckon I need to be unbusy, but damn. This just feels...weird.

Maddy! Go scoop your litter box! Help Mama out!
Sorry cat. Won't even lift a paw to help out around here. Just wants to sniff Mama's toes.


BaxtersMum said...

momma's FANTASTICALLY Glamorous toes...

Have you tried potty training? I've read about people who have trained their cats to use the toilet. Wouldn't that ROCK?

Mile High Pixie said...

Man, my cats barely hit the them to use the potty? Baahahaaa! Meanwhile, they'd be meowing at Papa to put the seat down, pleeze!