Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Gnostic Gospels: The Book of Closet, Chapter 3

1 And Mom and Pixie beheld the instructions for assembling the closet system, and did realize that they needed more supports in the closet.
2 So they went to the Land of DIY and rendered unto Home Depot what was Home Depot's, and came home with more 1x4s.
3 And it was Saturday, the third day of work, but they could only paint because of the condo's rules.
4 And the weather was unseasonably warm and sunny for Denver in March, so Mom did let the kittehs out onto the balcony for some outside time.
5 And Mom did wuv her grandkittehs.

6 So Mom and Pixie did clothe themselves in Kimberly-Clark bunny suits, which Pixie had purloined from a surgery suite that she did tour,
7 And they sent about painting with the metallic light blue Martha Stewart paint and the medium blue primer which Pixie had also acquired from Home Depot.
8 And they did paint with roller and small roller and brush.
9 Mom saith unto Pixie, "Doth thy Guy not have a roller extender for the roller brush, so we do not have to climb up and down the wee stepladder?'
10 And Pixie saith that she did not think so, although to be fair she hath no idea what Guy had stored on the back balcony.

11 And they painted the primer on, and they saith, "Wow, this shit is darker than it looks!"
12 And they painted on the first layer of metallic light blue Martha Stewart paint and saith, "Uh-oh, this looks blotchy."
13 Pixie worried that there would not be enough paint to do a second good coat, but Mom spake unto her and saith:
14 "Pixie, thou worriest too much--we shall put a second coat on the bedroom, and the closet shall have to fend for itself, for you shall be covering it in clothing on thy closet system, shall thee not?"
15 And Pixie realized Mom was right.

16 And Mom patched another hole in the closet, and did have to let the spackle dry before she could paint it.

17 And the bedroom wall bothered Pixie, but Mom did say, "Relax, and let us go to Lime and have another margarita or two, and we shall deal with this in the a.m."
18 And Mom, as usual, was right.

19 And the sun rose, and the sun set on the third day.
20 And on the fourth day, Mom and Pixie arose and had brunch, and then journeyed to the land of the Denver Art Museum and saw the Yves Saint Laurent retrospective.
21 And they returned home and finished the second coat of paint,
22 And they had enough for both the wall and the closet.
23 And they breathed a sigh of relief and removed the plastic from the bed.
24 But there would be much work to be done to remove the drywall dust from the furniture.
25 So they opened all the windows in the HKH and went for a walk, and on that walk they did buy a bottle of Riesling and an onion and made Chicken Curry that night.
26 And the sun rose, and the sun set on the fourth day.

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Miss Kitty said...

EPIC LULZ! The Book of Closet is a WIN. As is the paint color. Turned out pretty well, no? Bet it looks great in soft light.