Thursday, April 26, 2012

Political Correctness Moment with Mom and Pixie

[Pixie and Mom are in the bathroom talking and getting ready to go out gallivanting. Pixie is getting dressed while Mom is drying off from being in the shower.]

Mom: So, I told El Seebeno that we can't frame the roof from the--[looks down at upper thigh] Uh oh.
Pixie: What?
Mom: Well, when did that happen? The last time I was outside was the day before I flew out here...
Pixie: What? What is it? [looks at red mark on Mom's thigh] Ouch! What the hell, Mom?
Mom: It's a bug bite.
Pixie: What, in March?
Mom: Well, it's been warm lately, you know.
Pixie: Is it a mosquito bite?
Mom: No, chigger.
Pixie: I think they prefer to be called Insect-Americans, Mom.

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Miss Kitty said...

That is so wrong. RONG, I tell you! :-P