Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Damn, I'm tired.

God, it's been awhile since I was this tired. It's a combination of physical and mental. I've spent all my computer time the past several evenings working on my lecture and my handout. I did my Powerpoint presentation this evening--fairly easy, since I already had all the photos saved for the handout. So I'm tired because I'm not getting the usual downtime that I'm accustomed to getting.

I'm also tired because I'm doing little projects for an associate in the office. An x-ray replacement project here, a radiology redesign there, but nothing huge and nothing that I can really take ownership and nothing, ultimately, that I can care about. I mean, I care because I want to do a good job, but it's kind of hard to care knowing that what you're doing is yours temporarily. So it's also draining because these little projects that aren't yours aren't really enough to keep your interest.

Am I even making sense? I get tired around 11am, despite drinking a few cups of coffee. By the time I get home around 5:20, I'm cranky to beat the band and taking it out (unfairly) on Guy. Like just now, I realized that while doing my slide presentation, I had missed "Deadliest Catch" on Discovery Channel, which is one of the few programs I make a point to watch. I missed it because a) i was busy, and b) because Guy was home this evening when he's usually at his pool league and had falled asleep watching the Rockies game. At first, I was reflexively pissed--why didn't he remind me?! After a moment of stewing, I realized that having the baseball game on in the background is a behavioral cue that means it's not Tuesday night, so I forgot and didn't watch and didn't even think to watch. So it's my own fault. Wah.

I need to go edit my lecture a little more, get some more space in it and get it closer to an hour. I also need to pack, since I'm staying Wheatlands tomorrow night after the 7:30 board meeting that i have to go to (long story). Then, I have my final OAC meeting and my final pre-opening site walk, then back to the office to tie up loose ends before I go to Georgia, for which I cannot wait. Except I hate it when I'm so tired that I can't be excited about going on vacation. That sucks.

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ms. kitty said...

Hey, have a great time in Georgia, Pixie! And pet those sorry cats for me!