Saturday, May 19, 2007

Now this...this is living.

Been a long-ass several weeks here lately, and nothing felt better than stepping off a plane in Hotlanta and seeing Miss Kitty's shiny wee face (alas, peeking out of a University of Georgia shirt) happy to see me at the baggage claim. Last night was biscuits and catfish at Cracker Barrel, followed by goofing around, talking, and laughing until 1am.

I completely understand why Kitty constantly has to go to the library to get any grading or work done. I went into the living room to open my suitcase, and Graya eked out a sweet "Mew?" at me. How could I not pet her? She seemed to enjoy a snuggle so much that I had to sit down in the floor to continue the love-fest. Next thing I know, there are two more cats circling me, awaiting an outstretched hand. Every second at the Happy Kitten Cottage, there's a new cat coming in the room, and it must must must be petted. And it doesn't end indoors: I went out to go to the grocery store (we ourselves must must must have Krispy Kreme doughnuts and coffee or we have no pulse until noon), and I was besieged by three cats and a chicken. Petme feedme snuggleme need morewater petmesomemore. It's a wonderful distraction and joy, compared to the whinings to which I've been subjected recently (e.g., "what's this grab bar for?" "this isn't the color I wanted!" "we can't have this sink here!" "I need another wall here!"). Today will be BBQ with Mom, a little retail therapy, and then grilling out and imbibing a little som'n-som'n by the pool with Miss Kitty's colleague, for whom I'm guest lecturing. Holla.

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ms. kitty said...

Nice to hear you're getting your petting muscles well-exercised, Pixie.