Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dude, I am so ready for a break.

It was a long two days, y'all. After a full day's work, I drove to Wheatlands and ate in the car (totally bad idea--I drive while eating the way Paris Hilton drives while sipping on her fave beverages) to do the board meeting and subsequent new building tour, which went from 7:30 til 10pm, way past a shorty's bedtime. I was up again for an 8:30am meeting, after which was a long-ass walk of the building yet again with the hospital's staff representative, who had a list of things the staff wanted that was the length of my arm, and then he and the owner's rep nearly came to blows over what to plant in the retention pond near the building's front, and everyone's wondering why this countertop wasn't in the scope, and all I have to say is:

Look, bitches, you signed off on these plans 15 months ago. You saw them time and again. In order fo ryou to fully understand them, it will take more time than it's worth, just as if you explained your medical procedures to me you'd get just as frustrated. We explained them as best as we could, you thought you understood them, but evidently you missed the big letters I had on the interior elevations below the casework saying "OWNER PROVIDED MODULAR FURNITURE." So quit your bitchin' and fork over the cash for a countertop.

Having said that...

Touring around Wheatlands last night was downright spiritual. It was dark outside, and all the light fixtures were in, and that building was aglow with a warm, timeless perfection and the joy of a lot of people who put a lot of hard work into that building. Thinking about it, financing it, drawing it, working on it, asking questions, getting it done, building it, fixing it....just remarkable. It was moving. Okay, that's an understatement. It was beyond moving to see the big stack of paper on your desk turn into an occupiable space, a space that other people will use to heal and help still more people. Beautiful, elegant, just about perfect. I couldn't be happier.

I finally ran through my whole presentation tonight. It's running about 1 hr 50 mins, which is about 50 mins too long. But how do I thin this down? Just have to try again tonight and tomorrow. And try yet again to thin it when I go to Georgia and run through it with Miss Kitty. In the meantime, I need to soak in the tub to shake off the remnants of this migraine I came home with from Wheatlands. Oh, and I have to pack.

Next post will be from Georgia, y'all. Word up.


The Wandering Author said...

Cut nearly 50%? It can be done, yes, but if you're not used to editing, it's going to take a lot of work. Hard work. Perhaps you can bribe your sister to help?

As for the hospital, yes, I think creation of any sort is an incredible experience. Too many people fail to understand this.

BaxterWatch said...

wow. you HAVE been swamp-ed.

migraines bite. drugs help, but usually time is the best medicine.

just think about chillin'with Miss Kitty where its warm and humid and smells like honeysuckle and sweet tea.

And let Miss Kitty edit it for you. English profs are the bomb.

faded said...

Congradulations on your new building. Be sure to take picures for the book that will be published about your design work some day.

faded said...

Oh I forgot where do you want to send the celabratory case of beer?