Monday, May 21, 2007

Git your teach on

I'm up at the semi-crack of dawn to go teach, but it'll be tough to do with Joy in my lap, purring and looking/being utterly cute. It's been a great few days here in Small Town. Falling asleep with four cats on the bed and purring all around, wakin gup to the sound of NPR on the radio, hanging out in my pajamas and robe on the porch drinking coffee at 1pm, goofing around with Mom and all the dawgs and cats out at Mom's farm.... It's been a wonderful and relaxing trip, that's for damn sure. We didn't spend too much time with Mom on this trip because Guy and I will see her next weekend at a cousin's wedding in Chicago for three days. Matter of fact, Guy and I will be sharing a hotel room with her. Yeah. We'll see how that goes.

Okay. Time to log off of Blogger and stumble in the kitchen and pour myself a cup of ambition. I got my lecture down to a sleek six pages, which means I only have to talk about Neoclassical Revival for like, a page and a half. What a relief--I can't look at that backwards excuse-for-high-design when I've eaten.


ms. kitty said...

Well? We're all dying to know how it went.

faded said...

I have read your last group of entries concerning you trip to Georgia and I have to say, I envy your relationship with your sister and mother. I have no such relationships with my family at all. Enjoy your sister and mother, their friendship is a great blessing to you.