Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Superteach, superteach, she's superteachy, yowww.

Today felt so banal after spending three days back home with my peeps. As my sister Miss Kitty described it, we're back to our pedestrian lives. It took me a day for my blood pressure and pulse to come down to normal, but then I was able to relax and enjoy driking coffee on Kitty's porch in my jammies at 2pm. (Now that's lazy as a mofo right there, sittin' on the porch at 2pm in your jammies.) We talked about everything and nothing. I can't describe how good visiting home is for my soul. It's like sitting on a car battery for a few days, just getting recharged. Sadly, because my flight dumped me out in Denver at 9pm MDT, i didn't get home til an hour later and to bed until way late. Hence, today was a tiring day.

The lectures went well, thanks for asking. Even though I trimmed my lecture down to six pages of outline-form notes, with the questions and introductions and getting the kids to participate, the lecture took 1hr 25mins in both classes. My throat was sore at the end of the second lecture. I'm not sure how I'd do as a professor. I suppose that once you've done the work to make your lecture, it's easier to give it over and over and fine tune it. I spent a great deal of time putting this one lecture together. Kitty's colleague suggested that i keep the original 15-page lecture in case I ever taught something like that class again. Never hurts, I guess.

I'll post some pictures from my trip tomorrow when I have some energy. I'm worn out from the time change and the yawner of a day I had. God, I wish my new project would hurry the hell up and start. Doing the little piecemeal work for other folks in the office really drains me.


Miss Kitty said...

Kitties are all in Snooze Mode tonight. They miss Aunt Pixie, too. >^..^<

BaxterWatch said...

there is nothing like home to ease your soul.

i miss it every day.

but unfortunately, the real world rears its ugly head. bleh.

ms. kitty said...

Glad you had such a good time, Pixie. There's nothing like going home for awhile.