Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Field Trip to Georgia, by Mile High Pixie

Guy let me take his digital camera to Georgia with me, so I was able to record the following snapshots in time of random silliness.

First of all, Clark is huge. I mean, huge. He's 17 lbs easy, probably close to 20. He's a pillow. He's a doorstop. He's a small dog. He has his own gravitational pull. If Miss Kitty wants to get those new kittens to her house, she should just have Clark walk somewhere close to them and they'll stick on his fur like wool socks in a dryer.

Dee was cuter than cute and spent most of her time in the east kitchen window, tummy-side up. Look closely at the photo, and you can see how her lips are darker than the fur around her mouth. She always looks like she's smiling. I want to take her to Denver with me, but Guy says no, as does our condo building.

Martha Ann (bottom) and Joy (top) on Kitty's bed. Joy is almost always on her Mama's bed, except when she's in Mama's lap...

Like here. I convinced Kitty to flip through Suburban Nation by New Urbanist architects Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk. It's a good book and worth reading, even for folks who know nuttin' about architecture or urban planning.

Who needs the Sephora counter when you have the Kitty counter? My sister is a cosmetics and skin care fanatic, and her bathroom sink shows it. By the way, this is cleaned up compared to what it usually looks like, I'm sure.

Out at Mom's farm, Squiggy will just not stay still for a photo unless you pet/scratch him.

Hey, sweet pea! No, really, these were sweet peas. Mom's garden produced peas so literally sweet, we ate these in three bites after snapping this photo.

Tomorrow morning, we're heading out to Chicago for a cousin's wedding. Mom's already there, and Guy and I will be sharing a hotel room with her for three nights. We'll see how that goes. Back on Monday--y'all have a lovely Memorial Day weekend.


ms. kitty said...

Nice pictures, Pixie, and we're glad you had such a great time.

Miss Kitty said...

You definitely captured Clarky-Pie's girthiness. The only better photo would have been of him lying in the bathroom floor, all four feet and tummy in the air.

BaxterWatch said...

Baxter says if any of those kitties need some exercise, he'd be glad to chase them around and hump any that stay still.

The Wandering Author said...

Poor Clark - it sounds as if Baxter's about to show him why it's a bad idea to get so fat... :-O