Monday, September 7, 2009

Back and well

We got back from Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks yesterday, and we're already planning our next trip out there for next Labor Day week/weekend. We took some incredible pictures, saw some amazing things, and spent a lot of good time together. When we arrived home, Maddy was excited that the Providers of Really Good Treats had returned; she meowed at us all night for moar nom-nomz and wouldn't leave us alone. Hazel, however, acted shell shocked until this morning; they're both now lolling in the living room near some camping blankets I'm hanging up to dry.

When I can figure out how to get the pictures onto the new laptop, I'll post some of the trip awesomness. We took some pictures like the ones you see in magazines. We're not camera-hoes, but it was as if we couldn't go 50 feet without going "ohmygod! get a picture of that!" and "holycrap! that's GORGEOUS!" Grand Teton and Yellowstone were that nice.


BaxtersMum said...

yes, when I saw your mention of the trip coming up I knew you were in for a treat. I havent been there since I was 14 on a drive from Aspen to Washington state, but even my jaded teenaged self was floored.

Next trip, come see Me and the Baxter, and we'll do the North Rim and Zion - also spec-freaking-tacular.

srsly! hugs to you and the MHG.

ms. kitty said...

Isn't it fabulous there? I have loved all my trips to the Tetons and Yellowstone.