Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Trip, Part 1

Yes, I'm going to do two posts of the amazing pictures we took at Grand Teton and Yellowstone over Labor Day weekend. Yes, it's a cheap way to fill space on a blog. But y'all, these are some amazing pictures, seriously. Captions are above each picture.

At our campsite in Pinedale, WY, we were besieged by a very cute and curious herd of chipmunks. Here's one of them.

Friday morning in Grand Teton, one of the major mountains in the park over Jackon Lake (I think it's Mt. Moran?). See how the mountain is perfectly mirrored in the lake? That's with a run-of-the-mill digital camera we used--you can't help but take good pictures in Grand Teton and Yellowstone.

And then it got even better in Yellowstone. First we went to West Thumb, an area on the south side of Yellowstone that has a bunch of small geysers and brightly colored pools of boiling water, just a few feet away from the 45-degree waters of Yellowstone Lake. Early explorers spoke of catching a fish in the lake, then turning around and dipping the fish on the line into a geyser and boiling it, ready to eat right off the line. These images are of some of the geysers and water pools.

Yellowstone Lake.

Looking towards Yellowstone Lake from a geyser wash area.

And of course, we got there in time to see Old Faithful go off, 90 minutes on the dot.

On Friday, I'll show you the surprise we got in Grand Teton.


ms. kitty said...

Ah, you make me homesick for the Rockies, Pixie. Thanks for sharing the pix.

Anonymous said...

Was it Harrison Ford???

Marcian said...

The greens and golds are just beautiful.

Wilderness Gina said...

A herd of chipmunks? Seriously?