Friday, September 11, 2009

Labor Day Trip, Part 2

So our first day in the area was spent seeing Nature's geological wonders, but Guy noticed that we really didn't see a lot of critters. We had seen a plethora of chipmunks and squirrels, as well as the occasional brave potato-chip-and-bread-wanting bird, like this one that showed up at our Grand Teton campsite Friday night.

The next morning, we paused a moment to see the glacier on Grand Teton mountain.

We went to the Laurence Rockerfeller center, of which Guy took a couple dozen shots because a) it had the most amazing building details and b) it's a LEED Platinum building, which are few and far between.

Every detail of the center's site was amazing.

We had seen so few critters that we actually took a picture of a butterfly, of which we actually see very few, what with living in the city.

"Where are all the big animals?" Guy mused, being a bit silly. We knew that seeing large critters, like moose, mountain lions, deer, and bears are hard to come by. And they warn you constantly up here about bears--watch out for the bears! put your food in your car or the bears will eat it! and don't wear a Vikings jersey because that really pisses them off!

And as we rounded a corner of Phelps Lake...OMGWTFBBQMOOSE!!11!!!!
We happened upon a young female moose, about 7' tall. We were both a little spooked by each other, but she eventually walked by us with a wary eye. Guy and I were actually quite freaked out. "What do you do when you see a moose?" Guy asked. "I dunno," I replied, "maybe you don't make any sudden moves or make eye contact, don't try to talk to it or it'll charge at you?" Guy glanced at me briefly, "We're supposed to treat a moose like it's Naomi Campbell?"

About a mile later, we saw a chicken-turkey-partridge-quail in the bushes, but Guy was less impressed. Having seen a moose, we felt like we'd seen all the wildlife we could handle for one trip.

As we got around the other side of Phelps Lake, more amazing sights to behold. Seriously, we couldn't wal 50 feet without saying "Omigod, take a picture of that!"

And that was my summer vacation. :-)


BaxtersMum said...

ha ha ha

moose = naomi campbell

if you die, can I have Guy?

2H said...

Thanks for the photos Pixie, they're a real inspiration to my day.

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics. I couldn't open the link Guy sent, so I'm really glad you posted some here. Glad you both had a great vacation.


Miss Kitty said...


Wow. Those pix are amazing.

Anonymous said...

That's Mt Moran. And Skillet Glacier.