Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Things I thought while riding to and from FCH with Bosley

  • There is nothing out here, seriously. Why do people live here? At least I grew up 20 miles from a Kroger in Booger County--this is just ridiculous.
  • They run like little horses, not deer!
  • eeeeeeeeeeee!!!
  • I wonder if he's going to make us skip lunch again. Seriously, my stomach nearly ate itself last time we did a meeting out here and we skipped lunch.
  • I wish I could make decent homemade brownies at altitude.
  • Going back to Georgia for Thanksgiving for the first time in like seven years. I hate the airport, but maybe we'll avoid the rush since we're actually flying on Thanksgiving.
  • What will we do with Guy if we go shopping? Well, that's why we're renting a car--he can go do something else.
  • Good God, I'm going to be 34 on the 24th.
  • Ooh, and I'm supposed to hear about that thing I did the proposal for on the 30th.
  • Man, I have to fart.
  • Should I buy that suit from AnnTaylor.com? Mom could possibly make me another skirt like that, if she had something to look at.
  • Good God, Guy's going to be 41 on the 24th. Well, at least he's still older.
  • I do like my men older. They're generally better company.
  • Why do Cialis commercials always show two people in twin bathtubs in the middle of a field, or even on a beach? On a beach?! There's already a huge bowl of water for you to play in, but they had to bring their own?
  • One of the side effects of Cialis is supposedly delayed backache. How do you know that's not just from hittin' it like you know how? What are the other side effects, drowsiness afterwards, a reluctance to cuddle, and a sudden urge to get a burrito?
  • Wait...is Bosley telling me his life story?
  • Well, that explains a lot. His parents ignored him, and now he's practically autistic.
  • Good God, what are his daughters like?
  • What would life be like if Dad were still alive?
  • What would life be like if I could move things with my mind?
  • Flight or invisibility?
  • What if I could breakdance really well?
  • I almost did a handstand the other day. I really need to try Scorpion Pose again. But only if Guy's home. Otherwise I'll for sure fall and injure something.
  • Man. I still have to fart.


ms. kitty said...

You are a hoot, Pixie.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha. stream of Pixie.

34 is not so bad. its 35, and "you're half way to 40" that is going to suck for me in January.

Cialis - stupid. You know, 10 years ago, you never would have believed we would have commercials for impotence drugs.

Travel at Turkey day is a NIGHTMARE. Am sorry. So so so so sorry. Your flight on the day proper will be fairly empty. Its coming home on Sunday that is going to be horrific. Every time, my flights have been overbooked. and crowded airports and shudder. No. Thank. you.

I like them older too.

buy the suit.

next time, pack a lunch/snack.


Sally said...

I've been reading your blog for a few months, and I really enjoy it. I'm an almost-licensed architect in Mississippi, so it's great to hear how life is in the profession in other parts of the US. Also, I have almost these exact thoughts when I ride in the car with coworkers/bosses. Thanks for making me feel normal! :)

Nancy said...

Bwahaha! I hope you were able to get out of the car midway and let 'er rip. That would have been my main thoughts throughout the trip.

Charlotte said...

Stream of consciousness Pixie. Love it.

dissed said...

Flight. No, invisibility. No, wait. Flight. Flight's more fun, it's All About Me. But hang on, invisibility. Think what you could DOOOOOOOO. No. Flight. FLIGHT. You could freaking FLY. But no, if I could be invisible, I could -- no, wait.