Sunday, September 20, 2009


I try to post pretty regularly here, Monday-Wednesday-Friday, but the past few days have worn a Shorty out. I had to do an all-day meeting with Bosley up at FCH--we left the office at 6am and didn't get back until 13 hours later. Then, I had a gauntlet of meetings on Friday and had to catch up on all the stuff I missed by being gone all day, and then I had to do some work-related stuff on Saturday morning as well. Hence, I find myself bereft not of inspiration but of energy on this Sunday afternoon.

I haven't posted on my Extreme Balcony Garden lately, so I'm overdue on that (Cliff's Notes: I hate aphids). I've gotten some great emails lately that are fodder for some new posts that don't involve me complaining (well, not as much as usual). Plus a long car ride with Bosley gave me some new insights into his particular brand of oddness. I just don't have the mental wherewithal to write it all down right now. Hell, I haven't even Swiffed the house today.

So, gimme a few days, my people, and I'll find some new solipsistic tripe with which to entertain all nine of you. (Actually, I just noticed that I have 13 followers on WAD, which actually makes me quite happy. More than a dozen people read this!)

(Honestly, if you follow the blog, you're just going to encourage me....)


Miss Kitty said...

Do you want actual pix of Booger County High School? You could PhotoShop out any identifying details or signage. Just let me know.

And my word verification is "ninefoo!" Oh, may the legendary Foo-kitteh rest in peace! >^..^<

woolywoman said...

I don't think I could take a car ride with my boss. I would not have a job at the end of said car ride.


I wish I would pick flying, but I would so pick invisibility.