Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy early Labor Day, with a little thankfulness on the side

Guy and I are on our way to go camping in Grand Teton National Park; it's our first and likely only camping trip of 2009. Despite the fact that we weren't insanely busy for most of the year and the summer, we were just never able to get out of town for a few days. So, we're taking a few days to enjoy the wild wild West and all the wonders it has to offer.

Speaking of wonders, it was a year ago this holiday weekend that my kitteh Maddy was diagnosed with small cell abdominal lymphosarcoma and given about six or so months to live. At the beginning of the summer, she was given another four to six weeks to live. And yet as I write this, she's lolling on the chaise, monitoring my every move in case I even remotely head towards the kitchen. She has a fuzzy, lovable tummy that she's showing off so that I might be tempted to pet it...oh, now we're curled up in a ball, purring softly. I know that this cancer will take her eventually--she has moments where she hides for a day or doesn't eat as much as usual--but I have been given a bonus year with this sweet, wonderful creature who hops up on the bed every morning and awakens me two minutes before my alarm with a "MROWR!" that nearly causes car alarms to go off. I have been given extra little moments with this fur angel that has re-learned how to get on the table and counters to go after food (thanks, Grandma) and likes to snuggle with me (and fart on me--the chemo makes her do that). So I'm thankful for all the miracles, great and small, that I have been granted in the past year: a job, a good partner in life, good friends, extra time with my beloved pet, and the chance to visit amazing places that are quite nearly in my back yard.


Anonymous said...

Good thoughts Pixie Good thoughts,

Wilderness Gina said...

Yur welcome I'm sure. I do what I can to liven up yur existance. (What are Grandparents for after all?)